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General information

When is possible/good to build a stove?

Any time is possible to built it but in a free of frost area. During the construction a lot of water will build into the stove, which is senile for friezing. The water should flow out, the easiest way through the chimney. That’s why the best time to build a stove is the spring. In this case it can dry all the summer. If there are no other possibility only in the autumn or in the winter, than first of all a dry heating is should be done (takes 2-3 weeks) because of the water.

Raw material

We built into the stove a lot of different type of material not only the designed title outside. The quality of these materials can give a longer lifetime for the stove. So it could be a bit cheaper or more expensive depending how many and how good qualities of material are used. Some of them are: Samott-brick and slab, normal brick, roof tile, sand, clay, Samott-powder, water glass, grout paste.


4 questions are the basic of the lifetime

  1. How it’s made? Good knowledge and precision is needed.  (Builder tasks)

  2. Which materials are used? Enough amount and good quality from raw material.  (Builder tasks)

  3. How it’s used? Overheating, bottom heating .(Owner’s tasks)

  4. 4. Which type of wood are used? Dry and hard wood is the best. (Owner’s tasks)

We could have a good built stove if we use wet or soft wood to heating that will decrease the efficiency.

Because of the wet wood tar can easily subside in the stove and in the chimney. It will cause also bad smell (not just near the stove, also in the room).

Because of the soft wood a lot of soot will format. The soot could accumulate into the wall of the smoke route, sometimes in many centimeters thick. 1 cm soot is -10% efficiency from the stove.


Dirt by rebuilt a stove

When we rebuilt a stove first we need to break down the old one. Its generated dust soot and dirt. But we can take care of our room and furniture if we use cover films around the stove. So after the rebuilding it’s easy to clean up the surrounding area.

With whom we build a stove?

Try to find an expert with good knowledge, who have references and able to give a guarantee and construction declaration. You can inquire by MACSOI (National association of stove and fireplace builders in Hungary). If they know the builder, that could give a kind of guarantee. ( Reference Imre Henszelmann 70/342-9926)